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15-11-2012, 21:43
Category: Piano Pedia
Martin Berkofsky Martin Berkofsky (born 1943, Washington, D.C.) is an American classical pianist known primarily for his interpretations of music by Franz Liszt and Alan Hovhaness. He has performed extensively throughout Europe as well as in Turkey and Armenia.

Of Belarussian ancestry, Berkofsky was a child prodigy; he began giving public performances and making recordings at the age of 8. During his early years he began traveling frequently to Europe to perform and record with orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Symphony Orchestra. He studied with the Polish pianist Mieczysław Munz (who had been a student of Ferruccio Busoni), with Konrad Wolff (a student of Artur Schnabel), and Walter Hautzig (who was a student of both Schnabel and Munz), as well as with Hans Kann in Vienna.

Berkofsky served as co-director of New York's Long Island Chamber Ensemble for three years. During this time, in 1971, Berkofsky met the composer Alan Hovhaness while the group was performing one of the composer's works. Many performances of Hovhaness works followed including a 1971 Carnegie Recital Hall all-Hovhaness concert which premiered "Saturn", Op. 243, which Hovhaness had written for the Ensemble. Hovhaness gave many newly-composed and unrecorded scores to Berkofsky who over the next decades recorded a number of discs of Hovhaness's music...

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