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25-11-2012, 13:45
Category: Piano Pedia
Germaine Yvonne Arnaud Yvonne Arnaud(20 December 1890 – 20 September 1958) was a French-born pianist, singer and actress.
After beginning a career as a concert pianist as a child, Arnaud acted in musical comedies. She switched to non-musical comedy and drama around 1920 and was one of the players in the Aldwych farces in the 1920s and 30s. She also had dramatic roles and made films in the 1930s and 40s, and continued to act into the 1950s. She occasionally performed as a pianist later in her career.

Arnaud was the daughter of Charles Leon Arnaud and his wife Antoinette (née Montegut). She was raised in Paris and entered the Paris Conservatoire at age 9, studying piano under Alphonse Duvernoy and other teachers. In 1905, she won the conservatory's Premier Prix for piano. Beginning that year, at age 12, until 1911, she performed with leading orchestras throughout Europe and USA, under conductors such as Édouard Colonne, Arthur Nikisch, Willem Mengelberg, Vasily Safonov, Gustav Mahler and Alexander Siloti.

In 1911 she decided to try the stage instead of the concert hall and obtained an engagement at London's Adelphi Theatre as understudy to Elsie Spain in the role of Princess Mathilde in The Quaker Girl, first going on stage in that role on 7 August 1911. She next played the leading role of Suzanne in the musical The Girl in the Taxi (1912), earning popularity with her vivacity and charming French accent...

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25-11-2012, 11:32
Category: Piano Pedia
Theodor Leschetizky (22 June 1830 – 14 November 1915) was a Polish pianist, professor and composer. Theodor Leschetizky

Theodor Leschetizky was born on the estate of the family of Count Potocki in Łańcut. His father was a gifted pianist and music teacher of Viennese birth. His mother Therèse (von) Ulmann was a gifted singer of German origin. His father gave him his first piano lessons and then took him to Vienna to study with Czerny. At age eleven, he performed a Czerny piano concerto in Lemberg (near Łańcut), with Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart (the son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) conducting. At the age of fourteen, he started to tutor his first pupils. By the age of eighteen he was a well-known virtuoso in Vienna and beyond. His composition teacher was Simon Sechter, subsequently the teacher of Anton Bruckner, who also gave Schubert one lesson in counterpoint a few weeks before his untimely death.
At the invitation of his friend Anton Rubinstein, he went to St. Petersburg to teach in the court of the Grand Duchess Yelena Pavlovna. Remaining there from 1852 to 1877, he was one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music in 1862. While in Russia he married one of his most famous pupils, Anna Yesipova (the second of his four wives), and had two children (one of them Robert Leschetizky).
In 1878 he returned to Vienna and began teaching there, creating one of the most eminent private piano studios in history, second only perhaps to that of Franz Liszt in Weimar. He taught thousands[citation needed] of students in the Weimarerstraße (formerly the Carl Ludwigstraße) XIX. Bezirk Wien, Vienna. They came from all over the world, many from the United States. He taught until the age of 85, leaving for Dresden in 1915, where he died that year...

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25-11-2012, 10:56
Category: Piano Pedia
Omar Khairat (Arabic: عمر خيرت) is a composer, pianist, founder and conductor of "Omar Khairat's Group". Omar Khairat Born in Cairo, he was raised in a family of musicians. His uncle is Abou-Bakr Khairat, the great Egyptian composer and architect who established the Cairo Conservatoire and enriched the Arab music with great symphonic pieces. Influenced by this legacy Omar Khairat discovered new musical dimensions in the emotions and memories of the Egyptian and Arab personality.

He joined the Cairo Conservatoire in 1959, studied piano with Italian Maestro Vincenzo Carro and followed correspondence courses in music theory and composition with the Trinity College in England. Omar Khairat shaped his musical identity as a professional independent composer achieving new musical visions characterized with deepness and richness. His debut performing in film music was The Night of Arresting Fatma in 1983. According to music experts and critics, Omar Khairat's music bridges contemporary Arab music and Western music reflecting genuine maturity. Moreover, he is considered to be one of the most outstanding composers presenting successful works like The Fortune-teller, The Magic Perfumes (1989), and the Arab Rhapsody (1992).
He also composed music for international events like the National Feast of Oman 1993, the Inauguration Ceremony of Bibliotheca Alexandrina 1996, Carthage Festival, Tunisia, Operetta El Sheikh Zaid, Emirates 2000, Panorama El Abour "Symphonic Poem", Musical Impact Cairo 1991, Fine Arts Cycle Spain 2004, October Celebrations 2000, Celebration of the Royal Jordan River Institution 2005, Garash Festival 2003, Three Civilizations Celebration in Spain, Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Egyptian Cinema etc. Omar Khairat understands Arab emotions and music which helps him to attract a large audience from the whole Arab region. He regularly performed at the Cairo Opera House and all the Egyptian and Arab ceremonies during the last fifteen years...

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