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13-07-2013, 11:14
Category: Piano Pedia
Adele Girard Marsala (June 25, 1913 – September 7, 1993 in Denver, Colorado)Adele Girard was a jazz harpist associated with the Dixieland and swing (genre)s.
She is the first woman to bring the concert harp to prominence in jazz, with only Casper Reardon predating her. As a musician she is known by her birth name "Adele Girard", but she became "Adele Girard Marsala" on marriage to jazz clarinetist Joe Marsala.

Adele Girard's father, Leon, was a superb violinist who conducted and played in the pit band for silent movies at the Bijou Theater in Holyoke, MA. Additionally he conducted the Holyoke City Band and the Springfield Broadcast Symphony. Adele's mother, Eleisa Noel Girard was a talented pianist who had studied opera and was offered a scholarship to La Scala in Italy, though she had to turn it down because she was unable to afford the trip. She taught both her children, Adele and son Don, how to play piano. The four-year-old Adele accompanied her uncles as they sang First World War songs, K-K-K-Katie and Over There. "I played very simply," said Adele, "but I played all the right notes." At age fourteen, Adele was introduced to and initially taught the harp by Alice Mikus who played occasionally with Leon Girard in the Broadcast Symphony...

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