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6-11-2013, 00:13
Category: Piano Pedia

Maria Luisa Macellaro La Franca  was born in Palermo and began studying piano at the ‘age of 10 at Conservatorio V.Bellini where she received her diploma in piano with honors and also studied composition and conducting.

She continued her studies at the university of Music of Zurich (Zuerich Musikhochschule) under the guidance of K.Scherbakov getting Konzertdiplom with highest honors in piano, chamber music and jazz.

She won first prize in numerous nationals and internationals competitions including: « Osimo Cup Pianists of Italy, » AMA Calabria, « special prize accomplished artist and promissing all’IBLA Grand Prize » Elsy Meier stiftung Zuerich »International jundichler Schweizer Wettbewerbe. »

She has played for several major theaters such as the « Teatro Massimo and Politeama » of Palermo, the « Friends of the Opera » to Piacenza, at the » Sala San Giovanni di Cuneo » (Italy) to Konzert Saal of Msikhocschule Winterthur, for Bleuer and Grosser Saal of Zurich, for Musikkollegium to StMorizt, Sala Boccadoro in Lugano (Switzerland), the « Grand Théâtre Pin Galant» Bordeaux, the « Hall du Vigeaun » Eysines, the « Vissidarte » in Paris, the « Théâtre Medoquine » Talence of the Scenith of Toulouse (France) to the « Centre de Cultura » of Madrid and the Teatro of Villalba (Spain) at the Museum MAM and by The Institute of Italian Culture in Rio de Janneiro (Brazil), the theater of Banco Ipotecario in Mendosa and Theatre Lugan (Argentina) … etc

Her conducting debut took place in 1996 at the age of 16 years at the Conservatory V Bellini in Palermo ...


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