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11-05-2015, 13:10
Category: Antiques

Rare Lenzkirch wall clock circa 1880 serial number 287728

A rare wall clock made by the famous maker Black forest Lenzkirch circa 1880
Being suspended from the jaws of a Griffon dragon, clock is a heart that is hanging below with angels that hold both sides.

One angle has wings of butterfly and other has wings of a bird.

Below the whole clock is protected by a serpent entwined in the porcelain heart ready to bite the hand that does not belong to the clock. This is in working order.

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8-05-2015, 14:39
Category: Antiques

Large Gothic Revival carved Walnut Buffet Ca. 1880

A large walnut Gothic Revival carved Walnut buffet Circa 1880 depicting a sculpture after famous Painting of “ The King Drinks” a painting that was done by the Flemish artist Jacob Jordaens which can be seen in the Royal Museum of Beaux Arts Brussels Belgium...

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