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1-04-2014, 09:25

Square pianoforte made by erard freres Paris serial number 8578 in the year 1812

Erard freres , maker of pianoforte and harps to the imperial and royal family of France. 

Five and half "5(1/2)" octave of ebony in mahogany with a four pedal system....


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21-02-2014, 14:27

Ignace Pleyel Square pianoforte serial number 13799 - Year 1846

Large square pianoforte made by Ignace Pleyel Paris serial number 13799 made in the year 1846. Case made of rosewood with a ribbed edging around case. X form legs stand connected to the Lyra system.Pianos like this are such beautiful pieces of furniture and beautiful sounding instrument for music .


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19-02-2014, 16:08

Very special unique art cased square pianoforte made by Johann Christian Andrée Circa 1830s Berlin Germany

A unique entry into the world of strange and unique pianos.

Square pianoforte with an extraordinary case  with a story behind it. We can see this piano was not made in the form or styles of most...highly refined pieces of wood, colors and adapting serpents and crows into the design.  In the years of my research and history have I ever come across such a magnificent piece of furniture and musical instrument. We have posted a few photos as we go along in this new adventure in this pianofortes history...


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25-01-2014, 22:34

Kriegelstein et Arnaud Square Pianoforte Circa 1834 possible Exhibition Piano

Magnificent squarepianoforte made by Kriegelstein et Arnaud Paris, Circa 1834,  Possibly the piano described from the 1834 Exhibition Paris. Rosewood case finely designed by this famous maker of pianos, having beautiful inlaid ivory and brass. A ribbon inlay band of ebony and ivory as well highlights the incredible case...


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7-05-2013, 15:47
Square Pianoforte By Goulding D'almaine Potter & Co.

Square Pianoforte By Goulding D'almaine Potter & Co.

A square pianoforte in a mahogany and ebony strung case with two drawers, on six turned and fluted legs with a single sustain pedal.

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