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2-10-2015, 16:03

Collard & Collard square pianoforte serial number 2696 circa 1830s

Mahogany case on turned reeded legs

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28-09-2015, 16:00

Square pianoforte made by John Broadwood & Sons serial number 26612 - Year 1822

A six octave square pianoforte made by John Broadwood and sons was finished in the year 1822, was then purchased by the Reverend Dr. Adams of Halstead, Essex England.

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26-01-2014, 09:34

Kriegelstein et Arnaud Square Pianoforte Circa 1834 - Exhibition Style

Magnificent squarepianoforte made by Kriegelstein et Arnaud Paris, Circa 1834,  Possibly the piano described from the 1834 Exhibition Paris. Rosewood case finely designed by this famous maker of pianos, having beautiful inlaid ivory and brass. A ribbon inlay band of ebony and ivory as well highlights the incredible case...


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8-03-2013, 02:26
Broadwood Square piano c.1822

Broadwood Square Piano c.1822

5 and a half octave piano escapement action, divided bridge, Malcolm rose strings ,
with ivory naturals and ebony incidentals
Mahogany case with rosewood cross banding and brass moldings to the case.

Piano fully restored by Christopher Clarke in 2010

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12-01-2013, 20:09
Square pianoforte made by Sebastien Erard serial number 8308 from the year 1811.

Erard Square Pianoforte serial number 8308 - Year 1811

Case made of mahogany standing on a four leg support covered in Empire style bronze applications!

For more photos and info see full Story.

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