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16-03-2014, 20:51
Category: Harps » 19th Century Harps

Early 19th Century harp attributed to Erard Paris

Harp made in around 1800s having 42 strings using a single action system. From the style of the harp and Mechanic, we attribute this harp to Erard Paris. An excellent example of Erard’s innovative pedal harp design, the harp has the ram’s head decoration on the capital, the rounded body construction, and Erard’s fourchette discs. accidents to plaster moldings and wear to pats of body. Original working condition.


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9-01-2011, 22:05
Category: Harps » 19th Century Harps
Erard Paris Harp Serial Number 2526 Year 1897

Erard Paris Harp - Year 1897

The appearance of this instrument also reflects the Objects of Art Harps of the Louis XV era.
The Acanthus leaf scroll capping the fluted column is carved in a slightly more restrained manner then the earlier harps made in this style from the period...

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25-02-2010, 00:21
Category: Harps » 19th Century Harps
A Seven Pedal double movement Erard Paris Concert Harp Gothic Model made in 1880.
47 String. This Harp is in working condition.

Erard Paris Concert Harp-Year1880

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