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Palace Pianos - Expert in Unique Art Case Pianos and Harps. (EUACP)

"Various Instruments for Sale"

4-01-2014, 21:29

Chappell & Co Upright piano circa 1880s

Fantastic Upright piano made by Chappell &Co London made in the year Circa 1880s, exceptional casework of pear wood inlaid with lighter exotic wood in a Greek Revival style. Center panel having a Wedgwood plate depicting The Musicians playing flutes...


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27-12-2013, 10:29

Pleyel Upright serial number 18289 year 1852

Upright Oblique serial number 18289 year 1852 New model “Grande Patron” made by Pleyel Paris, two bar system, ornamented casework of Rosewood Extra Rich...


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24-12-2013, 15:28

Stunning upright pianoforte made by Sebastien Mercier Paris circa 1840

We have only come across upright piano made by this maker, not know if other forms exist. He was not known as well to have made many pianos. Known mostly as a student of Roller et Blanchet and was associated with the famous Claude Montal as well, you can see his teaching in the casework and structure of each piano. Case of sculpted Rio rosewood and a frame of solid Oak, the piano still hold a tune and is playable...


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21-12-2013, 21:44

Erard Grand Piano 108544 - Year 1921

Grand piano serial number 108544 year 1921, straight strung 212 cm long in a case of Beautiful Rosewood panels ending on three turned legs. This piano is in excellent playing condition...


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15-12-2013, 23:02
Category: Photo Gallery

We come across more then 5000 instruments each year that are unique rare and old. Various instruments from our musical history past that we have either forgotten or never even knew about.

These are museum quality pieces, some in working order and others, for beautiful displays of magical music rooms or salons. These are the instruments you can find with us at Palace Pianos.

PalacePianos Music Instrument Gallery [Click Here]

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