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23-01-2014, 14:29

Pleyel Grand Piano serial Number 12620 - Year 1845

Grand piano made by Ignace Pleyel Paris in 1845.

A beautiful model of Pleyel , case being made of mahogany.

Finished and sold in the same year of 1845. Length is 205 cm Chopin Period Grand piano


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20-01-2014, 18:13

Erard Grand serial number 75433 - Year 1896

Beautiful Erard grand serial number 75433 year 1896 made in Paris. This is one of the favorite models that we at palace pianos prefer, always seeming to have a incredible round and clear sound. Case is made of Rosewood ending on three turned legs on brass casters.
"Update", the Erard archives show this is a special model not for its case, but for its cords! This one model, and I have checked others and there is not others that are marked like this, is strung with Platinum coated strings! Hence the original strings are not rusted or tarnished.


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18-01-2014, 13:44

Erard Upright serial number 14821 - Year 1838

Upright Oblique piano made by Erard Paris serial number 14821 year 1840.

Case made of Beautiful mahogany.

This is a special model having a second soundboard being veneered in Courbaryl.


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Hits: 629 Author : Freeman
10-01-2014, 14:50

Ignace Pleyel Pianino serial number 3346 Year 1834

The famous French Mark Pleyel, a company of way over 200 years of supplying our world with beautiful instruments and music, has come to an end. This makes these rare Pianinos much more sought after in todays markets and private collections. This model in particular as it is the first models and styles of the Pianinos by Ignace Pleyel. 

With the closing of the Major French mark this year, the demand for these rare models has become more obvious to us how important these pianoforte are. 
Here is an excellent example :
Ignace Pleyel Pianino serial number 3346 year 1834, first style of the models for upright made by the Famous French pianoforte Maker. These rare pianinos and of course this much rare model ,have  their own place and importance in music history, becoming hugely sought after by collectors, Museums, private collections, and pianists world wide. Beautiful instruments such as this one, were the once preferred pianoforte for playing by the famous pianists and composers of the times such as Frederick Chopin...
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7-01-2014, 14:01
Category: Upright or Pianino

Upright Piano made by Justin Browne London Circa 1900s

A burl walnut cased upright piano made by Justin Browne London circa 1900s.

Case inlaid with lighter fruit wood. Great decorative piano great for student learning piano.


For more photos and info see full Story.

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Hits: 990 Author : Freeman
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