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9-06-2012, 10:20
Section: Piano Pedia
The Ahlstrom Piano Ahlstrom Piano Company Company was established by C. A. Ahlstrom in 1875, and their factories were located at 112-114 East Second Street, Jamestown, New York.
Ahlstrom built a full line of square grand pianos and uprights at first, but discontinued tsquare pianos before 1895.

After the turn-of-the-century, the firm added grand pianos and player pianos to their product line. The Ahlstrom Piano Company was known for building very good quality, durable pianos and player pianos. In addition to their Ahlstrom brand, they built and sold pianos under the brand names of 'Artone', 'Artonola', and 'Arto-Grand'.
The firm went out of business in about 1926.

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