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"Various Instruments for Sale"

14-05-2014, 10:33
Category: Historical

Romantique period early grand piano made by Ignace Pleyel Paris serial number 5366 finished in 1836.

Extra long model bein 225 cm long. The case made of exotic parts of mahogany inlaid with copper inlay. These extra long grand pianos made by Pleyel not only were highly sought after during the era of Chopin, but is now a highly sought after pianos in todays early pianoforte world. With the closing of the internationally known French Factory of Pianos, Pleyel, it has become much more evident of the importance today by collectioners worldwide to preserve these Historical Music Instruments. Please contact us if you have interest in any of our collection...


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28-04-2014, 18:56
Category: Historical
Period Italian Spinet from the years 1577 made by Patrus Trasentinis.
Octave spinets were portable keyboard instruments, widely used in private homes in Italy throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to accompany singing.

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Hits: 2428 Author : Freeman
1-04-2014, 09:25

Square pianoforte made by erard freres Paris serial number 8578 in the year 1812

Erard freres , maker of pianoforte and harps to the imperial and royal family of France. 

Five and half "5(1/2)" octave of ebony in mahogany with a four pedal system....


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Hits: 1122 Author : Freeman
8-02-2014, 13:30
Van Overbergh Upright Piano National Exhibition of 1849


Van Overbergh Upright Piano - Year 1849

Upright piano from the National Exhibition Paris with case of mahogany, with various bronzes highlighting the case.
Fully restored and in Excellent Working Condition
Inside of piano is Marked "Exposition National de 1849, Flammant Pere et Fils Paris 45 Rue Neuve St Augustin 45"...


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29-11-2013, 10:28

A beautiful grand model art deco upright piano made by Diezerl Paris circa 1900s.


Top and bottom panels depicting a full sun burst in ribbon walnut. The case style following the typical french art nouveau style of the times which can be compared to those of the Ecole Nancy in France! Similar styles can be seen at the subways in Paris.


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