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16-08-2014, 11:54

Art cased Upright Piano made by Baransky Paris - Circa 1860

An upright piano by Baransky Paris circa 1860, highly decorated in a Napoleon III style with bronzed angels and other cherubs.


For more photos and info see Full Story.

For more photos and info see Full Story.For more photos and info see Full Story.
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14-08-2014, 11:28
Category: Art Case Pianos

Art cased french upright piano circa 1900 persian style

پیانو هنری عمودی (دیواری) با نقش و طرح بدنه خاص ساخت فرانسه متعلق به حدود سالهای 1900 میلادی

Upright art cased piano  circa 1900s, made in France.

Influenced by an obvious well educated artist in early Persian art,

this piano holds its own title within the unique rare Art Cased piano World...


For more photos and info see Full Story.

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5-08-2014, 13:46

Bluthner Art Cased Grand Piano serial number 43895 - Circa 1895

Dignified painted and 24k gilt decorated art case Bluthner grand piano circa 1895 in the ancient French Watteau style, the fresh and bright  green ground decorated with panels depicting delicious classical figures and floral sprays in fresh pastel shades of pink, bright blue and delicate shades of green.

The paintings show the marriage of the ancient gods Cupido and Venus. Together with a matching stool.


For more photos and info see Full Story.

Bluthner Art Cased Grand piano Circa 1895
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14-07-2014, 10:06

Fully sculpted art cased upright piano serial number 57984 made by Bluthner Circa 1902.

Case in a beautiful nutwood sculpted in a rococo style.


For more photos and info see Full Story.

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17-05-2014, 09:28

Early French Black Laquered with Chinoiserie upright pianino made by Pfeiffer Paris circa 1830s.

Upright pianino art cased piano by Pfeiffer Paris Circa 1830s

Wooden framed pianoforte having 6 octaves and six notes.
according to our archives...The said pianoforte maker went bankrupt in 1839.
Chinoiserie, French for "Chinese-esque" is a recurring theme in European artistic styles since the 17 century, which reflect Chinese artistic influences. It is characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, by asymmetry in format and whimsical contrasts of scale, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquer like materials and decoration.

For more photos and info see full Story.

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