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5-07-2013, 08:37
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Through many years of dealings, buying selling and trading, Palace Pianos proudly presents Post your piano we have come across many who need help with the selling buying or trading their pianos, because of our own international distances,we find there is always problems and difficult to reach those that we can in other areas for international piano selling trade. We decided to give people a possible way to help themselves.

Post your piano, a place where you can post a piano for sale and share the link.
All posting will be verified first and will release to the public after confirmation.
Please make sure that you give us a contact information for yourself as well for the people that may be interested! And yes, this is international and yes you can post in your own languages as well..... have fun posting and please if you have any questions, please contact us back. [Click Here]

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5-01-2013, 07:29
Category: News
Pianos are stringed musical instruments sounded by a keyboard, classified as chordophones. Past piano sales in history

The word piano is an abbreviated version of the Italian “pianoforte”. The clavichord and harpsichord are considered predecessors to the piano. Bartolomeo Cristofori is attributed as the inventor of the modern piano. Cristofori was the Keeper of the Instruments for Ferdinando de’ Medici, Grand Prince of Tuscany. Three Cristofori pianos survive today, all dating to the 1720s. Cristofori combined the control of the clavichord with the amplified sound of the harpsichord.

Pianos became popular in the 18th century and were widely produced in Vienna. The Viennese school popularized and manufactured some of the finest instruments, including some made for Mozart. The Industrial Revolution brought steel for piano wires and more precise manufacturing techniques to standardize the sound.

The “grand” piano originates in the shape of harpsichords. Variations include the Concert Grand (about 2.2 to 3 meters long), the Parlor Grand (about 1.7 to 2.2 meters long) and the Baby Grand (about 1.5 meters long). All styles feature a horizontal frame and strings.

Auction highlights include a White Baby Grand Piano belonging to Marilyn Monroe sold by Christie’s New York on October 27-28, 1999 for $662,500 and a French Ormulu-Mounted Mahogany Grand Piano sold by Christie’s London on June 17, 2009 for $336,815.
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3-01-2013, 08:41
Category: News

Before the time of television and the internet, live music performances were a primary form of entertainment. Performances were held in private homes, as well as concert halls. Many rivalries formed among pianists and composers. This created a unique angle for entertainment as individuals could then debate the merits of each musician and choose sides. One of the more famous piano duels was held between Franz Liszt and Sigismond Thalberg.

The Battle Between “Il penseroso” and “The Old Arpeggio”

The rivalry first began in 1836 when Liszt had written a critical review of Thalberg’s most recent concert held in Paris. Though the rivalry was a friendly one, a few scathing remarks were made to the press from time to time, most often by Liszt. Meetings of the two were frequent and were always cordial. Liszt even spent time as a guest in Thalberg’s family home near Vienna in the spring of 1838.
The Battle Between “Il penseroso” and “The Old Arpeggio”
The Gazette musicale announced the program on March 26. “The greatest interest will be without question the simultaneous appearance of two talents whose rivalry at this time agitates the musical world, and is like the indecisive balance between Rome and Carthage.” On the evening of March 31, 1837, Princess Cristina Belgiojoso held a benefit concert for Italian refugees in her Paris salon. Though many musicians performed, the rivalry between Liszt and Thalberg took center stage that evening. So, which pieces were played? Here opinions and sources differ. Some say Liszt began his portion of the concert with his “Grand Gallop Chromatique” and that Thalberg countered with his fantasy variations on Bellini’s “Norma.” Harold C Schonberg mentions Liszt playing his Niobe Fantasia and Thalberg his Moses Fantasia. American pianist Steven Mayer´s re-creation of the duel on the ASV label (1993) suggests the following works.

Divertimento on favourite themes by Rossini, Op. 18 “Les Soirées Musica”
Fantasia on “God Save the Queen”, Op. 27

Divertissement sur la cavatine “I tuoi frequenti palpiti” by Pacini, S. 419
Transcription of Konzertstück in F minor by Weber
Harmonies poétiques et réligieuses, S. 173 no 3, Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude

Unbeknownst to the other pianist, each one had prepared a new composition to play as their final piece of the night. Liszt’s “Reminiscences de Roberts le Diable” by Meyerbeer is the more well known of the two compositions played that evening. Thalberg’s new piece was “Fantasy” Op. 33, based on Rossini’s “Moise.” The evening was regarded as a draw. ...

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10-09-2012, 12:16
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10-09-2012, 11:23
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