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23-05-2015, 06:58

C. Bechstein model C - Serial number 38045 Year 1895

We have for sale an exquisite C. Bechstein concert grand model semi C, 7'4 ', Serial number 38045, made in the year 1895. It is fully rebuilt using original parts. A two component high gloss polish made to meet professional demands...

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14-05-2013, 14:53
Bechstein Grand serial number 36409 year circa 1895

Bechstein Grand serial number 36409 - Circa 1895

A 7 ft 2 inch Model IV Grand Piano in a rosewood case on turned legs. 88 notes. Piano was restored in 1970s

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4-12-2012, 06:28
A Bechstein Model C grand piano in a rosewood case
Serial number 85794 year circa 1907 - Length 222cm

Bechstein Model C Grand Piano - serial number 85794

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8-11-2012, 11:19
Bechstein grand serial number 141716 year 1937 Accomplished,
noble musical instruments with their own characteristic beautiful sound and rich fullness of tone.

Bechstein Grand serial number 141716 - Year 1937

Despite its relatively diminutive size, the music created in a smaller space enables you to realize every musical conception in exquisite quality, with the typical Bechstein sound character. You will find all aspects of the larger models adapted to proportion, the duplex scale included. With regard to volume and playing touch relationships, A pleasant action, unmistakably sensitive, with astonishing sound resonance.

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20-04-2012, 04:16
Bechstein Grand Piano Model B - Circa 1900

Bechstein Grand Piano Model B - Circa 1900

A C Bechstein serial number 51413 year circa 1900 Model B 6 foot 8 inches long grand piano in an ebonised case and turned octagonal legs...

For more photos and info see Full Story.

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