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21-02-2014, 20:22

Art Cased Scuplted Rosewood Cabinet Pianoforte Circa 1840s

William Jenkins and Sons, Art Cased Scuplted Rosewood Cabinet Pianoforte circa 1840s. English piano maker know for his expanding and Collapsing pianofortes and his fantastic Cabinet Pianos. The fretwork of this alone shows a class of its own. Mirrors are set behind each of the candle holder areas in order to illuminate more into the room. Case made of beautiful Rio Rosewood.


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10-12-2013, 10:33
Category: Historical

Wilkinson Cabinet pianoforte serial number 233/597 year circa 1810

This incredible small cabinet piano dates itself circa 1810, in full original working condition. We can see why Wilkinson had a warranty on these sturdy pianoforte as it holds to his truth, it was such a well built piano that the piano held itself. The weight of the pianoforte as well makes it possible to easily carry this pianoforte around to where you need, very easy to transport.The case is simple yet elegant for what time it was. In this period, Lords Nobles and royals were the ones that could afford such piano like this. Case made of Mahogany with pinstripes of inlaid fruit wood having a 6 octave keyboard. Pedal system two pedals transpositor and uni corde. Hammers covered in Leather...


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Hits: 1087 Author : Freeman
18-02-2010, 13:47

Exceptionally tall early Cabinet Pianoforte attributed to Muzio Clementi. This piano has been delicately restored back to its original playing order.

Cabinet Piano Attributed to Clementi

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