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11-07-2013, 20:50
Category: News / CD - DVD
Palace Pianos and Time Passengers, would like to introduce you to our new release,
After a long wait and many struggles with the recording and arranging of this difficult and rare arrangement of music,
we are ready for release! The idea behind this CD and music is unique.!

Time Passengers Cd Release

As the world we know of has been through so much and is starting to come out of many struggles and challenges that we have had in the past, "The New World" Symphony No 9 by Antonin Dvorjak, has no better place in today's music then now! We are coming into a new world and the best way to describe it is through this fantastic recording of music we have now been able to bring to you. Thank you to all of those that were involved in making this happen...

For more info , Photos and complete Article see Full Story.

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22-06-2013, 15:14
Category: CD - DVD
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6-10-2012, 23:48
Category: CD - DVD

Ignace Pianino Pleyel recordings by Alex Szilasi

CD for Alex!

CD for Alex!

Arrangements played on Pianino Pleyel from the Alex Szilasi Collection Hungary formerly from the Palace Pianos Collection France.

If you want to order , please Contact us by our online contact form or Email to :

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17-08-2012, 23:08
Category: CD - DVD / Concerts
Alex Szilasi and Olivier Mallory
Two exceptional pianists like Olivier Mallory and Alex Szilasi started working together to reconquer lost repetoires of romantic pianistic works. Concerts For Piano Duo
The use of period pianos in todays society of music knowledge, they are showing another side of the sound for the works written and transcribed for the piano of four hands or two pianos. However the arrangements of Symphonic works for piano went being forgotten and left behind! Anyway, geniuses like Kalkbrenner, Schubert, Liszt, Brahms, Ravel, or Tchaikowski, all created masterpieces that deserve to be interpreted by artists with a talent not common, who have the humility and inspiration to revive the music of the Old Salons. In doing so , the great pianists of the times sold their hearts to the ladies from the periods and as well sustained the success and evolutions of the the great Pianoforte makers of the time!

Follow them, meet their Salons Spirits with these two young musicians. Meet the Pianists who will turn you heads and your hearts, with their charms, knowledge and their talents!

Repertoire for Four Hands and Two pianos interpreted by Alex Szilasi and Olivier Mallory

The Symphonies Transcriptions of :
L. V. Beethoven
P.I. Tschaikowsky
J. Brahms

Works for Four Hands and two Pianos:
W.A. Mozart
J Brahms
F. Schubert
P.I. Tschaikowsky
S. Rachmaninov
F. Kalkbrenner
and other romantique composers

Contact Olivier Mallory
+33 (0) 6 11207683 or +33 (0) 238558853
or E-mail :

For more info and complete Article see Full Story.
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