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28-11-2011, 22:16
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Chappell & Co. was an English company that published music and manufactured pianos.

Chappell & Co.
It was founded in 1810 by Samuel Chappell in partnership with music professors Francis Tatton Latour and Johann Baptist Cramer. Cramer was also a well-known London composer, teacher and pianist.
The firm's premises included large showrooms for pianos and other musical instruments (for sale or hire) and sheet music on several floors and became a prominent landmark on Bond Street. Chappell was active in forming the Philharmonic Society.
The firm's reputation grew fast, and in 1819, Beethoven wrote to a colleague regarding a piece that he wished to publish, "Potter says that Chappell in Bond Street is now one of the best publishers."
Chappell died in 1834, and his teenage son Thomas Patey Chappell (1819–1902) took over. His oldest son William Chappell was originally a member of the firm, but later left to join Cramer & Co. William founded the Percy Society and the Musical Antiquarian Society. Originally concentrating on music publishing and concert promotion, the firm started manufacturing pianos in the 1840s.

Thomas extended the publishing business of Chappell & Co. and focused the publishing company on musical theatre, a specialty that is still important to the success of Chappell today.The firm promoted concerts, operas and other events that might create a market for music sales. Thomas conceived of and sponsored the Monday and Saturday Popular Concerts at St James Hall (1859), which was partly owned by the family...

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