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14-09-2015, 19:43

Ignace Pleyel grand piano serial number 10941 made in the year 1844

Chopin Period grand piano in a mahogany case, petit Patron (small model) 205 cm long.
This piano has been carefully restored by the skilled hands of Massimiliano Di Mario who with his talents and patience was able to bring the sound, the life and the magnificence back to this Chopin period Pleyel grand.

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26-05-2015, 13:00

We offer a Chopin Period Pleyel grand piano serial number 12340 made in the year 1846.

Rich model being made with a Rosewood based cased which is highlighted with bands of Violet wood (later known as King wood after 1850) Case as well inlaid with fine copper inlay.

These rich models of Pleyel grand are very difficult to come by. There is obvious signs of previous restorations, however the important parts seems to have remained intact. There is signs at one time the piano was born a bi-chord grand.  Of course understanding these special period pianos conditions...

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2-03-2015, 15:05

Stunning Concert Grand piano serial number 12059 made in the year 1845.

Beautiful case of Burled mahogany at a length of 248 cm long. This is one of the rare model being an 85 note piano , A to A, only a few were made in these years.

Pleyel was the favorite piano of Frederick Chopin , he used these wonderful instruments for many of his works and concerts as well as teaching his pupils on the famous French Makers instruments.

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7-01-2015, 16:46

Chopin Period Concert Grand by John Broadwood & Sons made in the year 1844

No 16,000 Pie-crust model French polished Rosewood
Staggering in its retained beauty

For more photos and info see full Story.

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18-10-2014, 02:17

Ignace Pleyel grand serial number 12478 made in the year 1845 Chopin Model

Stunning and rare Ignace Pleyel grand serial number 12478 made in the year 1845.

In its complete original beautiful self, this piano is a true treasure to find. In a mahogany sculpted case with pearls edges and sculpted legs, this Pleyel piano is the perfect example of the simple beauty that Ignace PLeyel and Chopin himself fell in love with. This piano not only is in the Chopin years but also is only two pianos away from the Great pianists own Pleyel grand serial number 12480.

For more photos and info see full Story.

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