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19-08-2014, 16:29

Concert Grand Erard serial number 25199 - Year 1854

Concert grand Erard 250 cm long serial number 25199 made in the year 1854 beautiful case of rosewood.

This special grand piano was purchased at an astonishing price of 4000 french francs.

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26-05-2014, 17:28
Universal Exhibition Concert Erard Grand Piano serial number 16406 - Year 1844

Concert Erard Grand Exhibition Model 1844 Was completed and presented at the Great Exhibition in Paris in 1844 where Erard won the gold medal for his exceptional pianos! We have thus so far uncovered and located all pianos that were exhibited in this year by Erard. Case of sculpted golden oak in gothic style, on three pillars legs sculpted in similar designs! The front Name fall board is thick Ebony inlaid with Name of Erard being in Gold and surrounded by silver inlay...

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17-04-2014, 13:17
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16-01-2014, 21:00
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Concert Fontainbeau "Time Passengers"


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14-01-2014, 21:10
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Concert – Expo

Le Samedi 1er février 2014 à 20h


For more info and complete Article see Full Story.

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