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5-07-2014, 12:22
Category: Harps » 20th Century Harps

Erard Paris Concert Harp serial number 3742 - Year 1911

Our Paris Erard Harp Archives show us the story from the beginning of its existance, the history of this beautiful concert erard harp.
Concert Erard Harp serial number 3742 made in the year 1911.

Made of citrus wood in a Empire style. 47 Cords double movement.

Column decorated with rams head...


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16-03-2014, 20:51
Category: Harps » 19th Century Harps

Early 19th Century harp attributed to Erard Paris

Harp made in around 1800s having 42 strings using a single action system. From the style of the harp and Mechanic, we attribute this harp to Erard Paris. An excellent example of Erard’s innovative pedal harp design, the harp has the ram’s head decoration on the capital, the rounded body construction, and Erard’s fourchette discs. accidents to plaster moldings and wear to pats of body. Original working condition.


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Hits: 1392 Author : Freeman
29-04-2013, 13:57
Category: Piano Pedia
Harp The Harp is a multi-stringed instrument which has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard. Organologically, it is in the general category of chordophones (stringed instruments) and has its own sub category (the harps).
All harps have a neck, resonator and strings. Some, known as frame harps, also have a pillar; those without the pillar are referred to as open harps. Depending on its size, which varies, a harp may be played while held in the lap or while it stands on a table, or on the floor.
Harp strings may be made of nylon, gut, wire or silk. On smaller harps, like the folk harp, the core string material will typically be the same for all strings on a given harp. Larger instruments like the modern concert harp mix string materials to attain their extended ranges. A person who plays the harp is called a harpist or harper. Folk musicians often use the term "harper", whereas classical musicians use "harpist".

Various types of harps are found in Africa, Europe, North and South America and in Asia. In antiquity, harps and the closely related lyres were very prominent in nearly all cultures. The harp also was predominant with medieval bards, troubadors and minnesingers throughout the Spanish Empire. Harps continued to grow in popularity due to improvements in their design and construction through the beginning of the 20th century..

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Hits: 2025 Author : Freeman
9-02-2013, 08:43
Category: Harps » 18th Century Harp
18th Century Harp Attributed to Nadermann Paris Circa 1775

18th Century Harp Attributed to Nadermann Paris Circa 1775

A richly decorated harp made in the 18th Century attributed to Nadermann, Paris maker of Harps.
Painted black in gilded gold decor having japanesed visuals on soundboard and back.
Please inquire us about this is you are interested!
These are museum pieces and not meant to be used or sold as a playing instrument.

For more photos and info see full Story

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9-02-2013, 07:49
Category: Other
1- Erard Grand Circa 1860s
2- Pleyel Concert Grand Circa 1870
3- Steinway Grand Model C 1884
4- Erard Salon Grand Circa 1900 with Gilt Bronzes of wreaths
5- Bechstein Concert Grand Circa 1910
6- Erard Salon Grand 210 cm Circa 1910
7- Scheidmayer Grand Circa 1910
8- Pleyel Square Circa 1830s
9- Pianino Pleyel Circa 1830s
10- Square Pianoforte made by Puhlmann London Circa 1788
11- Square Piano made by Broadwood Circa 1795
12- Square piano made by Erard Freres Circa 1792
13- Square Piano made by Steinway circa 1875
14- Pianino made by Kulerich Paris with brass decore Circa 1870
15- Pianino made by Brinsmead and sons Painted case London Circa 1860
16- Harp circa 1775 Attributed to Nadermann Paris

If you have interest in any of these instruments please contact us via email or our online Contact form and please be sure to tell us which instruments you are asking about .
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Hits: 448 Author : Freeman
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