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22-02-2013, 19:40
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20-08-2012, 13:03
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Olivier Mallory Olivier Mallory began his studies at the age of 14 under the direction of Ramzi Yassa and of Nicole Havilland Cortes, who organized his firts recital at the age of 15 years old. His first solo concert was with the Orchestre Symphonique de la Garde Republicaine, with the direction of Roger Boutry.

He continued his lessons at the guild School in London and the And the School Normale de Musique de Paris, where he won prise for piano. The classes being under the direction of Gaby Casadesssus of the American School of Art and as well from Jean Fassina.

He played Solo with various Orchestras on an International range, having done chamber music with Bathylle Goldstein. He won an Honore du Prix d'Excellence for Organ in 1993.

He stopped his career as a concert pianist for a few years where he concentrated on his scholling of expertise of pianos and antique harps, becoming one of the top well known experts in his expertise field. Creating a collection of rare and unique early pianos and harps. It is within these years that the certain rare and unique pianos once owned by Kalkbrennner, Liszt and Chopin were aquired.

His experience behind the sound of the pianos from the romatique period gained him his title of one of the worlds known experts in the domaine of Romatique period pianos and music that is polayed on them, creating a specialized pianistique reportoire of many hands, the high style and characteristics of the mid 19th century.

Mr. Olivier Mallory has recorded the Valses of Chopin on the Pianino Pleyel from the year 1839 once once owned by the Duchess of Orleans, one of the important parts of the Palace Pianos Collections...

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