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12-08-2014, 10:38
Category: News

Chopin`s Pianinos and the Discovery of Their Secrets

On May 3, 2014, after the end of the Szymanowska Conference in Paris, I took a trip outside of Paris to the workshop of harpsichord maker and collector of Pleyel pianos, Oliver Fadini. I went with the renowned Chopin specialist, Prof. Halina Goldberg of Indiana University.  Our tour was arranged by Fadini's friend, music journalist at Radio France, Gilles Bencimon, a fervent lover of Chopin's music and the sound of historical pianos and pianinos...


For more info and complete Article see Full Story.

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Hits: 218 Author : Freeman
6-08-2014, 12:27

Pianino Pleyel made by Ignace Pleyel serial number 5510 year 1836

6 1/2 octave verticale pianino in a beautiful flamed mahogany. 

It is said that Chopin often admired and used these small beautiful instruments.

For more photos and info see Full Story.

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Hits: 241 Author : Freeman
18-02-2014, 22:26

Unique Pianino made by Pleyel Paris serial number 18058 made in the year 1852.

Special sculpted oak case is Renaissance style . Two winged griffons adding a stature along the front panel of the piano protecting the piano as guardians. This special and unique piano was Ordered by Charles Louis Ambroise Thomas (5 August 1811 – 12 February 1896) famously known French composer, best known for his operas Mignon (1866) and Hamlet (1868, after Shakespeare) and as Director of the Conservatoire de Paris from 1871 till his death.


For more photos and info see full Story.

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Hits: 584 Author : Freeman
27-01-2014, 12:20

Erard Upright Pianino 1840 - Serial number 14798

Erard upright three cord, serial number 14798 year 1840 sold on commission by W. Kruger to Mr. John  Palgrave Simpson Famous dramatist and novelist.

For more photos and info see full Story.

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Hits: 495 Author : Freeman
5-07-2013, 05:50
Early Erard upright pianino serial number 15061 - Year 1841

Early erard upright pianino Serial number 15061

Beautiful collectioners piece......erard upright piano year 1841.

For more photos and info see Full Story.

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