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11-11-2014, 13:19
Category: News

 From our partners in professional International Transports G&R piano removals London, Palace Pianos offers a brand New Service for shipping Pianos to China from anywhere in Europe.

G&R Removals, our preferred professional transport company has agreed on a partnership with ADP in Shanghai following many successful shipments of Pianos to China from the UK and Europe. ADP are an Established Freight and Warehousing Company based in the Customs Free Area known as the Free Trade Zone in Shanghai.

The advantage of this when sending Pianos to China is that the containers of pianos can be unloaded in ADP warehouse avoiding heavy demurrage charges in the event of any discrepancies with Chinese Customs. Coupled with our knowledge and experience of shipping Pianos to China, ADP have established links with Chinese Customs and Valuations officers in Shanghai, they have an excellent reputation for handling this kind of shipment and have proven to be very capable in transport and shipping pianos to China.

When shipping Pianos to China it is essential that all paperwork is checked and double-checked, we provide a pre-shipment checklist for all of our clients wishing to ship pianos to China, this is then confirmed by our partners in Shanghai prior to shipping, that there are no recent changes to the regulations.

G&R can assist with your application for the CITES (Certificate for International of Endangered Species) if required and will pre-advise ADP for smooth transition through Chinese Customs. We handle all UK Customs clearance, Documentation and Shipping service through to Shanghai port where ADP will take over the shipment of pianos to China, with their local knowledge and contacts they can provide full destination services of your pianos to China whether this is a single shipment, groupage service or Full Container Loads of Pianos to China.
As we are aware this is service is unprecedented, there are no other Companies offering this service for shipping pianos to China from anywhere in Europe.
We very much look forward to hearing from you with your shipping enquiry.

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13-04-2014, 12:54
Category: News, Piano Pedia

One hundred and seventy-seven years ago,  on March 31, 1837, an unusual concert took place in Paris, pitting the pianistic skills of the two leading virtuosos of the time, Franz Liszt and Sigismond Thalberg. The contest was adjudged a draw.

Thalberg was a fine pianist according to contemporaries Mendelssohn, Hallé and Clara Schumann; even Chopin said that he ‘played excellently.’ There were inflammatory remarks in the press, rival concerts in the Conservatoire (Thalberg) and the Opéra  (Liszt) in March 1837 and this pianistic duel was the culmination.

Posterity has however heavily favored Liszt, with Thalberg a mere footnote in Romantic piano literature. If you’ll forgive the pun, it was a “Battle of the HANDS,” a digital confrontation of the two leading virtuoso pianists of the day, Thalberg and Liszt.

The concert took place at the Salon of the Princess Cristina Belgiojoso-Trivulzio, an Italian noblewoman who played a prominent part in Italy’s struggle for independence. She is also notable as a writer and journalist. She scored the social coup of the season at her Parisian salon close to the Madeleine. Ostensibly, it was the culmination of a three-day charity fundraiser in aid of Italian political refugees, but it REALLY was the artistic equivalent of a prize fight—the fists in question pummelling the piano keyboard.  Belgiojoso’s judgment was, “Thalberg is the greatest pianist, but there is only one Liszt.”...

For more info and complete Article see Full Story.

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21-05-2013, 08:18
Piano transporters for local and international moves located in Center France and Loire. Transporters specializing in Antique pianoforte transports which require more sensitive and experienced handling. We have the most experienced and well trained people using other experienced international transport companies that are highly experienced in Piano shipments of all kinds. We use our own personal transports for local and use an established Piano Mover in the UK, G&R removals, which have been carefully moving your pianos since 1968. We do business which is small enough to care for you and your piano on a personal level and large enough to care for you and your piano on an International level, with agents and partners worldwide.

For local moves please feel free to call us or fill out the contact email for us for your move, we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.
You can also Contact us directly at 0033 238558853 or French and English Languages spoken

Piano Transport
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9-02-2013, 07:49
Category: Other
1- Erard Grand Circa 1860s
2- Pleyel Concert Grand Circa 1870
3- Steinway Grand Model C 1884
4- Erard Salon Grand Circa 1900 with Gilt Bronzes of wreaths
5- Bechstein Concert Grand Circa 1910
6- Erard Salon Grand 210 cm Circa 1910
7- Scheidmayer Grand Circa 1910
8- Pleyel Square Circa 1830s
9- Pianino Pleyel Circa 1830s
10- Square Pianoforte made by Puhlmann London Circa 1788
11- Square Piano made by Broadwood Circa 1795
12- Square piano made by Erard Freres Circa 1792
13- Square Piano made by Steinway circa 1875
14- Pianino made by Kulerich Paris with brass decore Circa 1870
15- Pianino made by Brinsmead and sons Painted case London Circa 1860
16- Harp circa 1775 Attributed to Nadermann Paris

If you have interest in any of these instruments please contact us via email or our online Contact form and please be sure to tell us which instruments you are asking about .
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