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5-07-2014, 08:28

Steinway model II Grand piano pre-C model.

Length 222 cm, ca 1880, New York, 85 keys, ivory.
Rosewood cabinet with hand polished French polish...


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23-12-2011, 07:51
Steinway and Sons Square Pianoforte Serial number 39386 Year 1878

Steinway and Sons Square Pianoforte - Year 1878

A Steinway and Sons Square pianoforte serial number 39386 being finished in Long Island, New York City September 27, 1878. Beautiful made case of American Walnut having 7 octaves 85 notes.
Strange part is that most of Steinway and Sons square pianoforte were made for the American markets! This one however was made and sold to the Steinway and Sons Shop in London England being shipped over September 30, 1878. From London it was delivered to Bayfield Hall outside of Holt in Norfolk England...

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2-08-2011, 18:11
Steinway Model M Grand piano - Serial number 261698 - Year 1928

Steinway Model M Grand - Year 1928

A beautiful model M Steinway and Sons Grand piano. Case is made of mahogany on three squared legs.
This is a Hamburg Model.

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6-12-2010, 19:06
Category: Piano Pedia
Steinway & Sons, also known as Steinway, is an American and German manufacturer of handmade pianos, founded in 1853 in New York City, by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later Henry E. Steinway).
Steinway and Sons

company's growth led to the opening of a factory and employee village in what is now Astoria, Queens in New York City, followed by a second factory in Hamburg, Germany, in 1880. Steinway and Sons Its early success has been credited both to the quality of its instruments and its effective marketing, including the company's introduction of Steinway Halls.

Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg's dedication was: "To build the best piano possible". He established at his company three basic principles: "Build to a standard, not a price", "Make no compromise in quality", and "Strive always to improve the instrument». Research and inventions by the company have earned it so far around 130 patents, a greater number than any other piano company.

After merging with the Selmer Company in 1995, Steinway's current affiliates include the Boston and Essex lines of pianos. The Selmer Company, today named Conn-Selmer, is a subsidiary of Steinway.

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