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22-06-2013, 15:14
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18-08-2012, 18:45
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ALEX SZILASI Alex Szilasi was born in Parma, Italy in 1968, of strong Hungarian musical roots.
His grandfather, Imre Csenki (d. 1998), was a composer, conductor and music teacher well known for his revival and celebration of Hungarian folk music.
When his parents decided to return to Hungary in 1977, nineyear old Alex spoke only Italian, but his piano playing skills suffered no language barriers: that same year, he won the national competition in rnusic school and gave his first recital in Budapest. It marked the beginning of a lifelong love affair with classical music and the unique voice of the piano.

Alex Szilasi's work has become synonymous with the music of Chopin in Hungary. With 2010 marking the bicentenary of the birth of Chopin, he was busy with international performances honouring the great Polish composer and pianist. He began his studies in Budapest at the Béla Bartók Academy of Music in Budapest, followed by the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, also in Budapest, taught by masters including Ferenc Rados, Sándor Falvai and Peter Solymos. After receiving his diploma in 1993, he toured the world, giving concerts in Austria, in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, the United States and Canada. From 1998 to 2001, he took the chair of piano faculty at Taegu University in South Korea.

In 2001, he became the director of the collection "Esther" and the complete library of Chopin, presented by Editions Fuzeau (France)...

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